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At the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C., our primary objective is collecting your Social Security benefits. You deserve a Supplemental Security Income (SSI), SSD and Veterans disability claims attorney in San Antonio who treats you with respect and dignity. Marion W. Cain, RN, BSN, JD knows what has to be done to put together a winning case and will fight hard to get you the benefits you deserve. Marion will use her strong background of training and experience in the medical field to analyze and develop your case.

Understanding Social Security Disability

If you’ve sustained an injury or contracted an illness that makes working impossible, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability benefits. SSD payments can be made to anyone who has paid into the Social Security system. They are only accepted or denied based on the ruling of the Social Security Administration (SSA). VA benefits, SSI and survivor benefits may also fall into this category. San Antonio Social Security Disability attorneys can help make the process of obtaining benefits easier and smoother for you.

The fundamentals of Social Security Disability claims

SSA rules concerning disability benefits are strictly enforced even though the system is said to be non-adversarial. A San Antonio Social Security claims lawyer like Marion W. Cain, RN, BSN, JD can help you organize the claim correctly. At the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C., we’re with you right from the start to help you feel comfortable and confident about the filing process. Marion W. Cain, RN, BSN, JD can walk you through the process of claiming your SSD, SSI or VA benefits. We also prepare a comprehensive plan to help you if your claim is initially denied. We do not charge for our SSD or SSI services unless we win for you.

The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

If the SSA denies your initial SSD claim, take heart. It happens to the majority of people who file claims. If you’ve been denied SSD benefits on appeal we can help. San Antonio SSD hearing attorney Marion W. Cain RN, BSN, JD, handles each appeal personally. Her long experience will disclose gaps in the documentation that can then be corrected, often before the hearing leading to a successful outcome from the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.

If you have questions about Social Security Disability, call a San Antonio attorney who cares

We always put people over profits. If we can’t help you recover your benefits, we won’t charge you any attorneys’ fees. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C. today at 210.551.0985 or online. Weekend meetings are available by appointment.