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Pedestrian Accident Attorney Helps Victims in San Antonio, TX

Compassionate injury lawyer seeks the compensation you deserve

A visit to downtown San Antonio will quickly convince you that the city streets are not pedestrian friendly. While laws exist to protect pedestrians roads and intersections are designed to accommodate motor vehicle traffic first and foremost, so crossing is risky, especially for older adults. Sidewalks can also be treacherous, with cracks, potholes, and other hidden hazards presenting unreasonable risks. If you are hurt while walking in the San Antonio area, whether by a motor vehicle, an errant bicycle, or a defect in the pavement, you may be eligible for compensation. The Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C. is a tireless advocate for injured pedestrians. Motivated by genuine concern, we fight for the full measure of compensation you deserve.

San Antonio ranks second in the state for pedestrian fatalities

With about 50 motor vehicle–pedestrian fatalities per year, San Antonio trails only Houston as the deadliest city in the state for people on foot. Many of the trouble spots, like Fredericksburg, Culebra, and Bandera roads have multiple lanes and long stretches without a crosswalk. Now, as part of the city’s Vision Zero initiative, intersections are being redesigned to accommodate all users (not just automobiles), speed limits are being reduced, and dedicated bike lanes are being installed. Still, these improvements are slow in coming and will not protect pedestrians against distracted or otherwise negligent drivers.

Common pedestrian accidents in the San Antonio area

San Antonio suffers from many of the problems of a modern, congested city. As a result, pedestrians are injured in a variety of ways:

  • Struck by passenger car, truck, or motorcycle
  • Struck by bicycle
  • Struck by taxicab or bus
  • Slip and fall
  • Trip and fall
  • Knocked to the ground by a person or animal

A pedestrian who is struck by a moving vehicle and knocked to the ground can suffer debilitating injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussion or traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Compressed vertebrae

If you are injured while walking through San Antonio, you deserve compensation for your injuries. But making a successful claim can be a complex undertaking.

Challenges to making a successful pedestrian injury claim

An injured pedestrian must prove that someone who had a duty to be careful breached that duty by behaving carelessly, and in doing so directly caused an event that resulted in specific injuries. For example, a driver, who has a duty to obey the rules of the road, may have exceeded the speed limit and struck a pedestrian who was legally in the crosswalk. However, not all cases are cut and dried. Here are a few problems an injured pedestrian can encounter:

  • Hit and run — The driver who strikes the pedestrian doesn’t stop to identify himself.
  • Comparative negligence — The driver insists the pedestrian “darted out” into traffic. As with auto accidents, a defendant can claim the victim was also negligent to reduce the plaintiff’s recovery or totally eliminate it.
  • Jaywalking — The driver asserts the pedestrian illegally crossed the car’s path.
  • Open and obvious hazard — The property owner insists that an alert pedestrian would have avoided the alleged hazard that caused a trip and fall.

Because of the difficulty in proving your case, an insurance company may attempt to settle your claim for a fraction of what it is worth, or even for nothing at all. You should never accept an offer from an insurance company before speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. At the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, we are fully committed to pursuing justice for you. We have the knowledge and experience to negotiate a fair settlement or to pursue full and fair compensation at trial.

Contact a determined San Antonio attorney for your pedestrian accident case

If you’ve been hurt while walking in the San Antonio area, trust the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C. to provide personalized representation focused on results. To schedule a free consultation, call 210.551.0985 or contact our San Antonio office online. As our client, you pay no attorney’s fees until we recover compensation on your behalf.