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Bicycle Accident Attorney in San Antonio, TX Helps Injured Cyclists

Highly professional and compassionate legal representation

Bicycle usage is up in San Antonio and throughout Bexar County among recreational cyclists and commuters. Unfortunately, area motorists still haven’t gotten used to sharing the road with cyclists, so bicycle accidents have also increased sharply. If you are injured while riding a bike in San Antonio, the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C. is prepared to help you obtain full compensation. Drawing on more than 35 years of traffic accident litigation, we provide highly professional representation that delivers positive results.

Common injuries to bicyclists in San Antonio

Personal injuries in bicycle accidents are similar to those in motorcycle accidents. In both cases, the rider can suffer a direct impact with a vehicle followed by a second impact with the hard surface of the road. Although motorcycle accidents can potentially occur at much higher speeds, in each case the rider’s body is exposed, and cyclists can be more susceptible to injury, since they generally wear much less protective equipment and their helmets are not engineered to the same high standards.

Common injuries for cyclists include:

  • Abrasions, cuts, and lacerations
  • Broken bones, especially collarbones, wrists, and ribs
  • Crush injuries
  • Head injuries, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Neck and spine injuries

We work closely with qualified medical experts to document the extent of your injuries to make a compelling case for full compensation.

Common causes of San Antonio bike accidents

Even on streets where there are dedicated bike lanes, motorists still are not as careful as they should be when sharing the road with cyclists. Common causes of bike accidents include:

  • Cars cutting off bike lane while making a right turn
  • Cars passing too closely to a cyclist
  • Cars following too closely
  • Motorist failing to yield to an oncoming cyclist before making a left turn

Road conditions can also contribute to an accident. Potholes and cracks in pavement are much more dangerous for a bicycle than for an automobile.

Problems with proving liability in a bicycle accident case

One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in a bicycle accident case is the misconception many people have about cyclists not obeying traffic laws. Cyclists are bound by the same rules of the road as motor vehicle drivers, but every time one cyclist rolls past a stop sign, it reinforces a general impression that cyclists pick and choose which traffic laws they want to obey.

Insurance companies play upon these impressions to raise the issue of comparative negligence. Under Texas law, the court can reduce an injured plaintiff’s recovery if that party bears some responsibility for the accident and bar recovery altogether if the plaintiff’s responsibility exceeds 50 percent. As your legal advocate, we work tirelessly to assemble the evidence necessary to prove your claim and shield you from allegations of negligence.

What if I’m hit by a police cruiser or emergency vehicle accidentally?

Police, firefighters, and EMTs have varying degrees of immunity from liability for auto accidents while in the performance of their duties. Whether a negligent driver would have immunity in your case depends on a number of factors. We painstakingly investigate the circumstances of your accident to uncover all pertinent facts favorable to your case.

Contact a determined San Antonio attorney for your bicycle accident case

If you’ve been hurt while cycling in the San Antonio area, trust the Law Offices of Marion W. Cain, P.C. to provide personalized representation focused on results. To schedule a free consultation, call 210.551.0985 or contact our San Antonio office online. As our client, you pay no attorney’s fees until we recover compensation on your behalf.